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The Inclusion Change Agency's
6-Phase Approach

The signature 6-phase Inclusion Change Agency approach is rooted in collective impact and design thinking principles. Our approach, while data-driven, centers the humanity of all the stakeholders informing the data. Leveraging direct experience leading DEI efforts within institutions, research, and promising practices from various industries, the ICA team helps organizations identify and address challenges through assessments, customized learning experiences, and the co-creation of sustainable DEI strategies. 

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Team work

1. Defining Purpose & Values

Developing a shared understanding of organizational values and DEI principles on a conceptual and operational level.

Team Meeting

2. Assessing the Current State

Assessing skills and examining sentiments around DEI principles within the context of the organization (via an organizational survey, focus groups, 1:1 interviews, and an audit of current systems and processes).

Business Plan

3. Envisioning the Future

Developing a clear vision that provides clarity across staff and operations, supports prioritization, and provides a foundation for the DEI strategy.

Meeting Room Business

4. Developing a Strategy

Cross-departmental/sector collaboration to develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan.

Traffic Cone

5. Navigating Barriers

Cross-departmental/sector collaboration to identify roadblocks and barriers to the successful implementation of the DEI strategy and goals.


6. Evaluating Change

Determining an approach to tracking the progress of DEI strategy and goals and operationalizing a commitment to continuous improvement. 

The Impact of the Inclusion Change Agency Approach

Interactive Learning, Community Building, and Accountability are woven into each phase of the ICA approach. 


By working with us you can expect: 

  • Increased collaboration rooted in shared power and decision-making

  • Innovation strengthened by diversity and a sense of belonging

  • Relationships that provide space for accountability to impact and outcomes

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