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Become an Agent of Change. Join the ICA.

Supporting Purpose-Driven Leaders in Building Values-Based Organizations & Communities

Values-based diversity, equity & inclusion consulting that supports purpose-driven individuals and organizations in leveraging their gifts and operationalizing their values to create a more loving and equitable world.


Inclusion Change Agency (ICA) was founded in 2020 to support individuals, initiatives, and organizations past performative diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work to adopt real change strategically and sustainably. We leverage a values-based approach to DEI consulting that supports purpose-driven organizations and individuals in conceptualizing their values and leveraging their unique gifts to advance DEI in their workplaces and communities.  


The ICA team values relationships and understands the importance of community and communication on impact and outcomes. We are skilled relationship builders with experience engaging diverse cross-sector stakeholders in collaborative efforts to improve overall program outcomes, breaking down silos inside and outside organizations to foster innovation and increased collaboration. We can inspire, empower, and coach employees from the front line to the c-suite in identifying their DEI superpower and aligning it with organizational strategy and objectives. We have a passion for DEI work and supporting individuals and organizations in realizing the impact of intentional DEI efforts on their organizations, communities, and within themselves. 

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